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Management of « Quality » for health structures.

HQMS Guru®️ is a set of web platform and mobile applications, designed to help healthcare organizations with quality management. It provides the quality manager and authorized personnel with a complete collection of modules to simplify and centralize activities related to quality management while complying with accreditations.

The HQMS Guru® software perfectly meets the requirements of the Tunisian INEAS accreditation manual and the ISO 9001 standard.

HQMS Guru® responds to the latest scientific data concerning the field of quality and risk management.

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HQMS Guru® is equipped with a very secure authentication and a powerful encryption system guaranteeing the security of the data on the platform.

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HQMS Guru® presents a backup solution allowing quick and easy data recovery in the event of loss.

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With its Logging system ( Log ), HQMS Guru® allows complete traceability of all actions carried out on its applications.


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Document Management

Creation and redaction of quality documents. Management of quality documents.

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Risks cartography

Graphical summary of the establishment's risks, their severity, criticality, action plan to eliminate or reduce them.

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Management and reporting of non-compliance, creation and monitoring of resulting action plans.

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Occupational health and safety

Management of procedures for « Occupational Health and Safety at Work » (ISO 45001 standards, etc.) Management of occupational accidents. Creation of security audit and action plan.

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Realization of satisfaction investigation for the « patients, doctors, suppliers, staff, etc ». Through the HQMS Guru® Satisfaction platform and mobile application.

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Action plan

The « Action plan » module is interconnected with all the other modules of HQMS Guru® , it makes it possible to:
• Trigger actions and instantly inform managers.
• Monitor the progress of actions in real-time.
• Analyze the actions triggered on several levels.
• Ensure the traceability of the actions realized.

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Committees, their composition, regulations and management of meetings.

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Management of KPIs through a dynamic dashboard, which allows them to be analyzed and to define the actions to be carried out to improve the performance of the quality management system.

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Regulatory watch

Complete database of regulatory texts / evaluation of regulatory compliance / Implementation of regulatory monitoring.

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Adverse events

Reporting and management of adverse events.

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Reporting and management of complaints and claims.

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Definition of an audit plan / Dynamic creation of an audit checklist/ statics and audit report.

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Management of providers.

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Management of different domains.

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Management of different departments.

HQMS Guru®

An efficient modular tool for the

management of Quality.

A platform independent of the

healthcare establishment‘s IT management



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The advantages of HQMS Guru

  • A complete solution for quality management.
  • A modular solution.
  • Compliant with Tunisian and international standards.
  • Implementation in cloud or in-site in your server.

Mobile applications

  • HQMS Guru®️ Mobile & HQMS Guru®️ Satisfaction.
  • The separation between internal and external stakeholders.
  • Support for 3 languages for investigations.
  • Ergonomics and simplicity of use.
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HQMS Guru will help you to set up, maintain and develop your quality management system easily thanks to its modules adapted to your health structures.
image ghaith
Ghaith Ben Maaouia
Healthcare expert
HQMS Guru is a set of tools for the overall management of healthcare establishments, it will certainly have a positive impact on them and their patients.
image luigi
Luigi Pollastrini
Management systems expert


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